“What should I buy?”

Choosing the right camera to capture those precious times, cute antics of the kids, adorable faces and family activities can be challenging. Which company makes the best equipment for my purpose?

There are a lot of options to consider and just as many facts about each camera! So we will begin at the beginning and find some answers without laboring over details.

Among the “point and shoot” cameras my opinion of four top brands are Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic. I would suggest reading this post by Darren Rowse of the “Digital Photography School” on “The 20 Best Selling Point and Shoot Cameras [Among our Readers]” [Note: the phrase “point and shoot” means that the camera has a permanent specialized lens which is not meant to be removed.]

For the professional line of cameras (Digital SLR – Single Lens Reflector) there are two camera makers which are the top in their market (again that is my opinion), Canon and Nikon. [Note: “Digital SLR” cameras are designed to provide quick access to dynamic settings such as “ISO”, “Aperture”, “White Balance”, etc  which can dramatically affect the exposure of the photo.]

The important thing to remember when looking for a camera is not so much the equipment’s capabilities but your ability to handle and carry the camera. Do not be afraid of walking into a camera shop to handle, touch and size the camera to your hand!

Remember it is not only dependent on the camera to give a great shot but your creativity in seeing and capturing the shot! Believe me, keep hope and faith, everyone has creativity! Creativity is simply looking at the world around you in a new and understandable way. For example; I once was on a shoot around the grounds of an institutional building and the person who contracted me for the shoot teasingly pointed to a utility box and said “I bet you can’t make an interesting picture out of that!”

Here’s a slideshow of pictures to illustrate the importance of creativity. (Watch for the picture of the utility box!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Okay, equipment is not everything, but you need some equipment to capture “the moment!”

If you do not want to worry with all of the technical details when taking shots of the kids and family, I suggest the Canon PowerShot G12.

If you are willing to spend more money on lenses because the camera better suits your abilities and needs, I suggest the Nikon 5100 D-SLR or the Canon Rebel T series.

Merry Christmas and enjoy your holidays with a creative twist!


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