“What should I buy?” -Accessories

There are so many accessories for each camera model on the market, searching them out could be a full time job! I personally suggest that you learn to use your camera without the added peripheries such as flashes, flash covers, reflectors, special lens filters and specialty lenses, all for the purpose of learning the strengths and weaknesses of your camera.

The key here is knowing as much about your equipment’s practical capabilities as you can in any given situation. From catching that cute smile to knowing which settings to use for perfectly capturing that silhouette. Knowing how your camera sees what you will memorialize in a photo is an invaluable skill.

Once you master this technique of learning your equipment, it is important to apply it to each new piece. Learn how the new equipment changes and adds to what your camera sees. I have found it most productive to take calculated steps, adding light into my shots as I learn how the new equipment affects the outcome of each photo.

As a professional photographer, I still do not use an independent flash and avoid my built-in flash at all cost. If more light is necessary in a shot, then I will bring out my reflector, or re-position my shot to use the light from a street lamp, or even search out an elevated venue to receive direct sunlight.

Here are some generic accessories you may have already received as a “bundle” with your camera, and good to always have on hand!


  1. Micro fiber cloth
  2. “Lenspen” (brush and suede tip)
  3. Extra battery
  4. Carrying bag
  5. Extra memory card

Search for your camera model on Amazon and eBay. You will find more than enough accessories to keep you busy for quite some time!

Action shooting:

  1. Flash (Be cautious to see that it works with your camera model! Take your camera into your local camera store and ask to test the flash with your camera.)
  2. Lens with a low aperture (Aperture is also called “f/stop.” Additional lenses are only for SLRs, although you may find some “add-on” lens accessories for a consumer model cameras.)
  3. Flash covers (For example you can find color filters and flash boxes. “Gary Fong” brand accessories have many flash accessories.)

Still shooting:

  1. Reflectors (Sizes small or large; colors based on purpose, gold for warm skin tones, silver for sharp contrast in black and white shots, etc.)
  2. Tripod (I have found it very beneficial if the tripod extends to my natural standing height relieving stress and strain of bending or squating.)
  3. Shutter release (Wireless or simply wired remote removes most of the camera shake from holding the camera by hand for long exposures.)
  4. Flashlight (High powered LED lights are fun to play with in artistic compositions.)

I pray everyone had a very merry Christmas. Happy New Year and God bless you as we seek Him this coming year!


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