Studio Session

I feel it is worthwhile to depart from “instructional” blogging temporarily and share a success story! I do not know how you feel, but with what I have been learning in my activity and my writing it down, it seems like I have been drinking from a 2 inch fire hose. *Grin* So take a break and join me in my joy of a fun and great job!

I had a lot of fun shooting in this professional setting to show what happens in a doctor of chiropractic office! I am a patient of a doctor of chiropractic so I was already aware of the photos I would shoot for the patients side of things to display what they could expect for their experience. However the one side with which I was not so familiar was the doctor’s side.

I began to see the doctor’s side of the experience in the chiropractic office. This is important to be sensitive to both experiences. However, I digress. I said this was not to be an instructional post.

I learned a valuable lesson which I will not soon forget. I will give you this good lesson quickly and we will enjoy the fruit of the photo session.

Even with professional workers, there may be a time when shooting “candid conversation”  that you as the photographer give the people in the photo a topic to discuss. Give them something to do or talk about which fits into the photo scene. This adds reality to the photo with one person talking and the other giving attention to the discussion.


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