I have recently come to an understanding of the priorities for a single proprietor. It is not easy running a business by yourself. What happens to the business when ill-health or disaster strikes? How is money being earned when the doors are closed? What happens to a blog when a schedule established from over a year and a half worth of 2 weekly posts? I do not know.

Thank you for your support over this past year and more! I apologize for disappearing this last week and I want to let you know I will also be taking this coming week as a sabbatical.

I would like to think of each follower on all of my social media publications has ready every article. If not, you are no less a favored fan. In fact there is a plus for you, since you have not read every post there are 5 more days for you to catch up on them before I begin posting again.

I will be back and my estimated time of return to posting will be March 12. Thank you for your support and understanding!


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