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“What is ‘Foe-toss’?” As it is written in the blog icon, it is Greek meaning “of light”. In the Greek it is the genitive, possessive case. We get our English word “Light” as well as “photo” from this Greek word “foe-toss”, literally telling us that the light and photos we experience through our sense of sight comes from light.

How can that be when something like light cannot reproduce itself? Good question. As I look at all of my surroundings and question how they came into being, the only logical explanation is that it was all made. Created by some awesome power, belonging to an intelligent Being able to set all of the creation that man has found so far in a magnificent order! There is a book written by a man named John in the first century that puts it very succinctly.

“This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.”  (1John 1:5)

Agreed a fantastic explanation, but probable. Definitely possible. Truth is always fantastic because so many falsehoods are spoken. Though we are not here to prove anything. This is why we believe that photography shows unlimited resource.

We hold ourselves to a high standard of photography and constantly pursue learning. Learning should not stop or the effective creativity of the photographer will diminish.


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Repairs, Returns, and Relaxation

Repaired flash umbrella canopy.

The umbrella canopy was unravelling and the metal grommet long detached.

To my faithful readership,

I apologize for my long absence!  No excuses, I was doing plenty of writing in the last 2 and a half years in which time I earned my Masters degree in Business Administration, as well as teaching and learning so much more about photography as an art but also a business!

I have also photographed events in that time and some pretty fantastic pieces of history that come from national and international programs such as music, sports, and space exploration.

All of this set aside though, I want to share with you the money saving tips of salvaging equipment that otherwise might be considered trashed or ruined.  I came across an flash umbrella that was in disrepair and always skipped over when equipment was gathered for a photo shoot.  I found the whole and broken pieces of equipment and took the two broken pieces, setting them aside while matching the other pieces to make a whole operable unit; then showing the broken pieces to the equipment manager whom said he would prefer purchasing new equipment and that the broken pieces could be discarded.

I obliged his direction and brought the umbrella to my personal studio and repaired it.  In

Umbrella support attachments.

The left half of the images is the original attachment. The right half is the

the image you see to the left, the original attachment, and the attachment on the right is repaired.

Obviously I wanted to keep the repair small, thus avoiding strange light reflection from the repair or creating shadow.  Thus I chose to use a headless brad and made my own low profile attachment.  It actually is not obvious unless thoroughly inspected which I believe informs us of the affective repair and the limited or no change in operable effectiveness.

The opening picture of this post shows the repairs made to the umbrella canopy that had lost its metal grommet allowing the guide rod to maintain the pressure evenly around the canopy points, and the stitching was undone allowing the seems to open.  Once these sewing repairs were made, sewing a fabric cap in-stead of the metal grommet allows for a flexible and inexpensive repair.

Keep imaging your inspired photographs to which you are first introduced through your eyes!

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