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The end of August and this beginning of September is a mile-stone for Foetoss Light | Photography blog; we are celebrating our first year and all of its successes!

Thank you for your wonderful support! Your “like”s and comments have given me encouragement and inspiration for the service we have provided this last year and we want to improve our service! Your support is appreciated, seen and used!

We are working on expanding our services through the blog in this next year, which will provide you with precise information on specific consumer and professional cameras, settings and functions; brand comparisons and service connections.

Another mile-stone we achieved is our 80th post! Last Friday, September 8, was our 80th post and we look forward to many more.

I will say this; when creating two posts a week, it can be nerve wracking when trying to make certain this is not a “duplicate post”. I have learned that duplication has higher probability of occurring when I stop learning. I understand that I write from what I know and use, but without the continual learning and applying that education I will begin repeating myself. Thank you for your continuing interest! Because of your interest I am encouraged to continue learning and sharing it all with you!

In the last quarter we have been read in 33 countries and close to 2,000 post views. I see this as a huge spring board to use in propelling us to a whole new level. Are you ready? Stay tuned and I will give you the “heads-up” as we take each step in this next year.



You may have heard a photographer say “I never go anywhere without a camera!” Well, today was a day when a photographer who almost always has a decent camera with him, did not!

As I drove around town, I spotted a hawk in a tree. Yes! A hawk in town. I was elated because I have been waiting almost 3 years to get the “prefect” picture of a hawk and other birds of prey. Today may have been my day, but I left my camera at the studio! What a foolish move! So, on my way past the tree where sat the hawk, I turned used my phone camera to snap a picture. Here is what I ended up with for proof that I had seen a hawk.

Well I would like to say that I have learned my lesson, but this can only be proven next time I leave. “Someone please watch me to see if  I have my camera in hand!” *Chuckle*

I have painted a pretty dim picture. It was not all that bad. I drove off slowly so as not to upset the bird with any sudden moves and when I returned to the studio I ran inside, snatched up my camera and bag. When I got back to the place I spotted the bird it was still there! I do apologize for the pictures which I will post below. It was about mid day when I spotted the hawk and he was enjoying, what I assume he found to be tasty, a gray squirrel.

In my post production edits of the photos, so as not to draw attention to the meal (which was not my intended focus), sever crops were used to draw your attention to the magnificence of the bird.

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I am a bit of a naturalist. By that I mean, I enjoy observing natural things around me such as the hawk, every other bird, flora, fauna and insects. So as is my custom, I researched the family and genus of this hawk. The hawk I photographed today is specifically a juvenile “Red tailed hawk.” Scientific name: “Buteo jamaicensis”. Average measurements of the Red tailed hawks are 19 inches in length, 49 inch wing span and weighs about 2.4 pounds (1,080 grams).

Just as a side note, with an estimated 12 inch high wing and 49 inches wide (this is not exact) that would equate to 588 square inches of lift surface for 2.4 pounds. This translates to an average of 245 square inches of lift per pound. Comparing that to Boeing 767 estimated 936.5 (11,238 inches) square feet of lift surface, weighing (again estimated) 376,580 pounds. We come out with a rounded .03 square inches of lift surface per pound. That is an incredible difference, but shows the strength and ability of the creature! This also demonstrates the power of the bird’s Creator. Simply amazing!

I hope you enjoyed the post. Please leave your comments below. Thank you for stopping by the Foe-toss – LIGHT Photography blog!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!