Foetoss Means

On some of the blog pages I have written about the purpose, name meaning and what Foetoss Light does. However I have not written anything on the blog discussing the studio name and what it means. So, in case you have been wondering here it is!

“Foetoss” is an ancient Greek word.

You thought that is all I was going to say about a name like “Foetoss Light”? *Grin* If you did then the joke worked. I am just kidding about the joke. I had set-up the post to automatically publish on a specific day, promptly forgetting that I had done so. Please forgive me for the over sight.

“Foetoss” is an ancient Greek word from which we get the word “photography”. However, I would like at this time to add linguists believe that the Greek word “Foetoss” comes from the root “Foce”. “Foce” means “light”. “Foetoss” literally translated means “Of light.”

“Foetoss” in the ancient Greek is a noun, but not an ordinary noun. This noun has a case which predicates the meaning of the Greek sentence. Much like when we conjugate ┬áverbs “ran” versus “run”, this Greek noun case points not just to the subject “light” but the action of the “light” because the case is a “genitive” case. In other words, this light is actively producing something and the source’s production is the subject instead of light alone.

So you ask “How do we get ‘photography’ from ‘Foetoss’ and ‘light’ from ‘Foce’ and they both mean the same thing?” “Foetoss” and “Foce” really do not mean the same thing because “Foetoss” builds on the meaning of “Foce”.

This post has already come to 500+ words, so I will finish the post and make it at-least 2 parts. Please return to read the next post as its second post will be published on this following Friday, June 1st!